Master of Science (MS) in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Study in the comfort of your own home or workplace and earn a Professional Master’s degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Despite an increase in scientific productivity and material success, statistics shows that the rate of mental disturbances in terms of suicide, Alcoholism, Drugs, Marital Breakdown and the like are increasing at an alarming rate. It would seem that as the material comforts of life have increased, mental health is deteriorating. Mental health is achieved if a man develops into full maturity according to the characteristics and laws of human nature. Mental illness is resultant from the failure of such development.

The demand for professional counseling is on the rise. Alongside, the practice of professional counseling in the 21st century is faced with challenge and opportunity on many fronts. The counselor, whose working environment may range from clinic to school to private practice, will face a wide variety of counseling concerns and a vast client population.

Due to the challenging, yet rewarding nature of the counseling profession, this programme takes the counselor and counseling student through a range of pertinent issues from multicultural concerns to Internet counseling, from PTSD through Expressive Arts, and many more. By the end of the programme, one could confidently say that he/she has achieved a great deal knowledge, skills as well as practical exposure to the noble helping profession of counseling.

Hence, through an MOU signed between Bangkok School of Management (BSM) located in Bangkok, Thailand and the Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences (IPMS) located in Mumbai, India, the former has been officially appointed as the first and only admissions & support center for IPMS in Thailand and the ASEAN region.

Through this arrangement, BSM is able to accept applications from prospective students to enroll into the Master of Science (MS) degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy programme from all around the world, on behalf of IPMS.